Holy Monkey Inc. is an online retail corporation featuring many Kid Friendly, Outdoor & Military Themed Products.


Take a look around the site to find great deals and huge discounts on Kids Army Guns, Kids Army Clothes, Kids Army Gear, Play Tents for Kids, and Much More!

Welcome to Kids Army! Here at Kids Army we are huge fans of imagination and what it brings to the daily lives of children everywhere.

We all remember growing up playing army and playing the hero soldier against the evil bad guy. This is the place where you can help your child fulfill those dreams and expand their imagination. We have Toy Army Guns, Kids Army Clothes, Kids Airsoft Guns, Kids Army Gear, Kids Army Toys, 3D Wood Puzzles, Camo Netting, Kids Ghillie Suits, Kids Army Games, Kids Play Tents, and just about everything else that your child could ever wish for. Kids-Army.com

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